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  Facility Managment services
Professional and commercial services
Daily cleaning, Care Taker, peon and other misc Staff
  Cleaning of carpet, upholstery, with latest technologies
  Cleaning of chairs, sofa, with latest technologies
  Glass Cleaning from out and inside
  Pest control services with Herbal technologies
  Daily cleaning, Care Taker, peon and other

Welcome to Decortex House Keeping Services

We are pleased to introduce as one of the leading and renowned companies is providing house keeping & Facilities services backed by 19 years experience in house keeping with Trained and Professional staff associated from long time with us and achieving international levels of quality with latest mechanical technologies is providing services since 1993.

We provide services to Educational Institutions, Guest Houses, Corporate, Hotels, Embassies, Factories, Cinema Halls etc.

Work Strength –

  • Insist on check list Daily reports
  • Develop a series of process check lists
  • Check at random every hour
  • Quality has to be top driven
  • Positive reinforcement of quality is a sure stop towards higher quality
  • Set performance standards inspect personally to see that they are interpreted and implemented correctly.
  • Insist on operational job executions to be right – first time & every time. Employees must know that accuracy and job completion must lead to customer ‘Delight’